Thursday, October 23, 2008

Behold! The Giant Road Block!

Have I mentioned that, on my journey to become a successful romance writer, I have a Giant Road Block? Yep. I put it there myself. Good thinking, huh?

My Giant Road Block is this. I write Sweet Romance. As in, if one were rating it, one would probably use “G.” Occasionally perhaps “PG.” My aim is to write beautiful love stories with such emotional depth that the reader doesn’t care whether or not there is a fully described love scene.

Surprisingly, this is not a large portion of romance market share. Go figure.

I could get rid of the Giant Road Block by learning to write hotter. It’s been suggested to me several times that I spice it up, and maybe I will have to do that. Others have said I should be true to myself, and write what I love. Thus far that’s what I’m doing.

So the Giant Road Block? See the little light on top of it? I try to think of it as a beacon. Be cautious, stay on the path you’ve chosen, don’t lose your way.

Still, the constant flashing glare is a bit obnoxious…

I'm putting up a new fun poll today about romance novel heat preference. Please feel free to be brutally honest.



  1. Magdalena, I am reinventing myself too. My giant roadblock is that I am social-phobic. Thank goodness for the Internet where I can work for Dark Roast Press without ever having to meet any of my editing clients in the flesh.

  2. Helgaleena,

    So good to have you here! I've "seen" you on MySpace, too.

    Being social-phobic would definitely be a giant road block, but how awesome that you're finding a way around it! And not only does the Internet allow you to do the work you enjoy, but it also allows your editing clients the benefit of your knowledge. Very cool!

    I'm glad you have you along on the journey!