Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Confession Time

I spend all day every day--with very few breaks--sitting in this chair doing "writing stuff."

I do promotion stuff, like this blog, the SisterWriters blog, and I read blogs written by other writers, as well as blogs written by romance readers. I read Publishers Weekly, and other real business type things. I keep up pretty well with my Facebook and MySpace pages. And I check to see how The Blank Book is doing on Fictionwise. Hm. And sometimes, while I'm there anyway, I browse. Okay, and I also look to see how Ladies of Legend: Finding Home is doing on Amazon.

It all relates to writing, but I've really fallen down on doing the writing. So, as of today, I'm back to the original schedule I set for myself. Early to mid-morning is for reading and replying to email, walking a couple of miles, posting a blog or two, reading the contents of my Giant Blog Feed Reader, and checking MySpace and Facebook.

Mid-morning through afternoon is not for any of those things. That time, except for an actual lunch hour I allow myself, is for writing. I have a list of new stories to write, and a list of older stories to revise. Having this very tidy list isn't doing me a lot of good right now, though.

You knew this would happen, didn't you? You knew I'd have trouble keeping my focus? Thanks. Now I'm pledging to do better.

And hey--in other writing news, be sure to get your copy of the newest book in the Ladies of Legend series. Maddie James' novel, Murder on the Mountain, was just released at Resplendence Publishing.

See you tomorrow morning! Feel free to leave me a comment... Um. I might sneak in and look at comments in the evenings, you know. Evenings are unscheduled.



  1. Hey Magdalena! I feel your pain. I often play too much online and "postpone" the writing until later. Not good, especially when the writing time is limited, anyway. But sounds as though you are getting back into your routine. Good for you! I bet you are going to be quite productive, my friend.


  2. Go Magdalena! You'll find your groove. May your fingers fly across the keyboard and the characters talk over each other(In a good way) to tell you their story.

  3. Maddie and Taryn,

    Thank you for the words of encouragement and support. As you predicted, yesterday was better, productivity-wise. And while I was walking this morning I thought of a plot element for the WIP...