Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekend of Ups and Downs

This weekend has been one of ups and downs.

A fun visit with the progeny in his new lair. (UP) Tried to sleep in a hotel that was too full of very happy partygoers, and instead checked out in the middle of the night and started the three-hour drive home where it's quiet. (DOWN) Narrowly missed hitting two deer who decided to stroll across the highway as I approached. Thank goodness their timing wasn’t slightly different! (Adrenaline UP)

Woke up muzzy-headed in the middle of the morning, and currently wondering how the bizarre charges the hotel has put onto the credit card will work out. (Blood Pressure UP)

Read the blog Maddie James posted on SisterWriters about her visit to Joseph-Beth Booksellers yesterday. Saw photo of Ladies of Legend:Finding Home on a shelf directly above… well… and then…

Sat here too long catching up on email and writing this blog. I’m starting to feel a bit weak. (Blood sugar DOWN) Now, who will bring me some food so I can continue to sit here and look at the pictures of these bookshelves?


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