Sunday, November 30, 2008

Finally! A Press Kit!

A couple of months ago I sat in this chair and worked for hours putting together a press kit. What a very handy tool for members of the press to be able to download that from my website, thought I. Other authors have nifty press kits on their websites, thought I.

So I created it, made it into a pdf, and tried to figure out how to upload to the website. Hm. That was a bit of a brick wall, since I'm not very techy. Okay--next step, contact the tech guru. Over the phone he walked me through some of it, but since he didn't know what tools I had available in my website products, he couldn't tell me in.short.simple.words exactly which buttons to push.

So anyway, the tech guru is home from college, and yesterday evening after I showed him how to repair the ripped seam in his new T-shirt, he sat down with me and the website. Turns out I had somehow managed to upload the pdf, and all we had to do, really not sure on that, but it happened quickly. And now I have a Press Kit on my website.

This morning I got brave enough to look at it, and sure enough, it's already outdated. I created it before the Christmas stories became available. Daggone!

Do I ask for help again, or do I try to upload a new version myself?

*Sigh* Sometimes it takes a village to raise a romance writer.


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