Thursday, November 20, 2008

Getting the Word Out!

I'm not a salesperson. I flunked out of Girl Scouts because I didn't want to sell cookies. It bothered me when my son was expected to go door to door and sell things to support his school, so I just bought the stuff myself. We ate a lot of candy bars and frozen cookie dough.

But my books are different. I think they can make a difference in the lives of my readers, if only for a little while. A little while is enough.

So I'm into selling these books. I need to get the word out!

I've contacted a few independent booksellers and boutique venues, and will do more of that. These are places where the Legend books will do well, given the opportunity and appropriate promotion. I love these stores where the employees--even the owners--care about you, and about your product. I want to team up with them. So I'm working on...networking.

I sent out an email newsletter this week. I'm meeting new people on Facebook, and actually had a wonderfully important contact this week via MySpace.

Suddenly I'm not shy about selling. I want you to read these books. I want you to visit our imaginary town of Legend, Tennessee and have such a wonderful time there that you want to return again and again!

A Legendary Christmas is on Amazon. You can click the cover at the top right of this blog and buy it. Same with the first anthology, Ladies of Legend: Finding Home.

For those who prefer ebooks, all the novellas are sold separately at Resplendence Publishing. Janet's is now also on Fictionwise ("the Amazon of ebooks"), and each week one of the novellas will be introduced there.

Maddie's Murder on the Mountain, a separate novel, but also in the Legend series, is also on Fictionwise.

The books are available. I believe in them. I just need to let people know.


  1. I have read both of the Legend Anthologies and can say they are fabulous. In a world that is full of stress, tactless people and too long "to do" lists, these books make a perfect escape. Once you come back from Legend, it is a bit easier to be believe in the good that surrounds us.
    I also enjoy your blog as I am too am re-inventing myself. It is a very arduous task. It is nice to have friends along the way

  2. My goodness, what a lovely comment. It has brought tears to my eyes.

    I wish you the best on reinvention. Arduous, yes. Worthwhile? Absolutely.

    So very glad to have you along!