Monday, November 3, 2008


Yesterday we took a hike. Now, I try to walk for exercise several days a week here in town, but even though I take a hilly route, hiking in the rolling woods is a different proposition. I think there's an entirely different set of muscles involved.

And we had only a limited amount of time, so there was no lollygagging. About an hour and a half at a brisk pace. Definitely good exercise. And what a beautiful day, and gorgeous scenery!

Part of the time the trail was broad and smooth. Very nice walking, and you could look around at the trees. Of course with the noise of walking on leaves, we didn't see a single animal. I'm sure they were all sitting in their nests or whatever, holding their little paws over their little furry ears, waiting for the big noisy crashing humans to clear the area. I never expect to see even a squirrel on this type of outing because somehow in the woods I'm noisy. I'll look at squirrels from my kitchen window.

When the trail wasn't wide and easy like this, sometimes it was narrow, and slanted toward the downhill, with a huge steep drop off. I didn't look around at scenery on those portions. Um. No pictures of those areas either. I was just concentrating on breathing regularly, and watching my footing.

Part of the time on this hike, we sort of...lost track of the trail. That's rather typical of us, and so far we always eventually end up where we meant to end up. Or at least pretty close.

So instead of even a narrow slanted trail with an occasional white blaze, we were bushwhacking through stuff that looked like this. You don't walk too close to the person in front of you, because the little trees he just pushed his way through will slap you in the face. Been there, done that. But no slaps yesterday, and the pesky greenbriar couldn't hurt my old jeans. Fortunately I was wearing an old long-sleeved shirt too.

And a bright tie-eyed shirt over it, so I did not look like a deer. It's hunting season, so not looking like a deer is a really good idea. And yes, there was a red bandanna in my brown hair. So my hair would not look like a deer. So very sorry there isn't a photo of my hiking loveliness to share with you!

Here's the payoff! Look what we got to see when we emerged from the woods!

Wow. Have I mentioned I love autumn?


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