Friday, November 21, 2008

Magdalena Newsletter, anyone? (cross-posted throughout the known universe)

Hi there.

I have an email newsletter. Did you know that? Yep, and I send it out whenever something important happens like a new book release, signing... You know, the stuff that would keep me awake at night if it weren't such a beautiful dream.

So anyway, I sent out a newsletter early this week to the people on the list. And this morning it occurred to me that there may be other people who would like to be on the list, except they don't know it exists. I sent out a bulletin to MySpace friends this morning, and posted a note on Facebook.

Please consider this your personal, engraved invitation to join my email newsletter list. Just go to my website and click on the email tab. Email me with NEWSLETTER in the subject line. If you do that, I'll send you this week's newsletter with its fancy pdf attachment (ooh, impressive, huh?)... and I'll add you to the list for future issues.

There's something exciting coming up in the next few weeks, and I'm going to send a newsletter to let as many people know as quickly as possible.

Thank you for reading!


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