Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Random Musings from the Sick Couch

When my son was young, he was often ill. Allergies combined with asthma combined with early school years of a million germs to fight off each day. Back then we had a tradition of the Sick Couch. I would drape the love seat in the living room with a particular ancient tie-dyed sheet, he would lie there and be pathetic, and I would wait on him hand and foot.

There was always a TV tray for the tissue box and a glass of Sprite with a bendy straw. We'd hang out in the living room and watch the old Disney version of "Swiss Family Robinson"--the one in which James MacArthur was the older (extremely cute) son and John Mills was the dad. Other details of his sick days are just as well forgotten. There were lots of them.

Yesterday and today I've been on the sick couch. I haven't dragged out the nearly disintegrated tie-dyed sheet, but instead curled up under a blanket on the day bed in the sitting room. Lit a little scented candle too. And I treated myself to a movie--"Legally Blonde." Can you believe I'd never seen it before?

I think I contracted stomach flu from my cousin who had it recently. Fortunately for me I didn't get the full impact of the virus. But there was enough transmitted through our cell phones to make me, well, pathetic. I know that's not scientific or anything, but guess what? I'm sick so I get to say and do things that don't make sense.

Not feeling quite as bad as the woman in that picture up at the top, though. She looks to be pondering the possibilities of that facial tissue as a snack. Or maybe she already tried and found out it was icky. I'll stay away from that, and sustain myself on honey-sweetened tea.

Ooh! This is much better. Let's pretend I look like this. Let's pretend I'm wearing a pale blue cashmere robe and pearl earrings while I'm on my purple squishy pillow on the day bed. I can pretend it (the fever is in my brain)...can you? I am also going to pretend that my hair looks like that. So daggone cute. Maybe I'll get mine cut like that again. And get some big pearl earrings. Then maybe I can be clip art.

Should I get the thermometer out and re-take my temp?

You know the four novellas were released yesterday at Resplendence Publishing, right? They're on the front page. The novellas are for sale separately in e-book format, but of course I hope you'll want all four. Jan, Janet, and Maddie wrote great stories. I'm very happy with mine, too. I especially love the last scene...

Any day now I'll let you know when the paperback anthology, A Legendary Christmas, is available. I heard today that it's supposed to be on Amazon within a week, so that's exciting!

I've been reading that a lot of people are giving books for Christmas this year. Of course I think that's a great idea. Most books are not a huge expense, don't take up a lot of room, and can be enjoyed repeatedly. If you haven't considered it, give it some thought. There are so many wonderful books, and so many places to buy them.

Okay, this post is definitely random. I'm going to curl up again. I might take the laptop with me and book-shop, though...



  1. Hope you're feeling better. Along with the bendy straw, have your Sprite in a glass with a stem. That's part of my personal cure-all equipment for the sick couch.

  2. Oh Magdalena. I didn't realize you were feeling puny. But Sprite should do the trick and pretty soon you'll be the picture of health like "the girl with the pearl earring" or something....

    Take care and feel better! I liked your random post.


  3. Hi, ladies. Just checking in before I drop into oblivion for the night.

    Theresa, I shall include a stemmed glass for my future Sprite sipping. What an elegant way to be ill!