Saturday, November 8, 2008

Today we light candles...

Yesterday evening I composed a long post about my mother and her twin brother. Today is their birthday, and we're lighting candles to honor and remember them. They've been gone from this earth for several years.

But it occurred to me that, even though I got the okay from my cousins to post about this, you're probably not interested in hearing stories about the twins.

I'll just say that my uncle's daughters--Sandy in Oregon and Teri in California--and I are lighting candles today in remembrance of my mother and their dad. The three of us don't see each other, but thank goodness for e-mail.

Geographically we're so very far apart, but we're connected too, aren't we?

How blessed we all are to be family.

Happy Birthday, Twins!

Blessings on you, Sandy and Teri! Love you!


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  1. A beautiful tribute, Magdalena, and heartfelt.