Saturday, November 15, 2008

Trying to Make Friends

It has been a lovely autumn in Southern Indiana. In spite of drought, and hurricane, and, well, economic miseries, the trees did their part to brighten our lives. So here is a picture I took in our back yard several days ago.

Most of the leaves are gone now. We've had rain--finally--and wind, and it's looking pretty bare. But these colors are kind of nice.

You know why I took this picture? Because of the new neighbor. She moved here recently, and although I've made some overtures, she seems hesitant and a bit reclusive. Not to gossip, but she seems a little obsessive-compulsive.

Whenever I see her, although she speaks briefly, she generally ignores me. Instead, she's paying attention to some of the other neighbors. Hurts my feelings some, but hey, I'm tough.

Who can compete with birds and squirrels? Evidently not me, and not a saucer of milk.




  1. awww...I'm a cat pretty!

    I hope she comes out of her shell and gets to know you better.

  2. Oh, she's beautiful! I would be right there with that saucer of milk. You know what they say, cats find their owners, owners don't find their cats. Perhaps she is sizing you up?


  3. She is lovely, isn't she?

    I dunno what her deal is. She meows at me and then snubs me. Maybe I need to provide whole milk instead of 2%? Or maybe cream?

    It's so funny watching her watch the squirrels. They're as big as she is...what would happen if she caught one?!?