Sunday, November 23, 2008

We got an award. Times two!

Maddie James and Taryn Raye both awarded "Welcome to Magdalenaville" the I HEART YOUR Isn't that exciting?!?

Unfortunately, I am freaked out due to an unexpected change in plan for my week. I guess I feel like someone just knocked my "writer hat" off my head.

I've tried to give you seven of my favorite blogs with links that you could click on and go exploring.

I have posted that twice, and, well, it hasn't quite gone as planned.

So let's punt: Take a look at the right column here. You'll see some of my favorite blogs. Pick seven of them, and go investigate.

Have at it--explore to your heart's content. Happy Sunday, and happy blog-hopping!

Oh yeah, at this point Sunday is almost over.

Magdalena (a bit frazzled)

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