Saturday, November 1, 2008

Welcome, November!

Come sit with me on this comfy bench. We'll brush off the golden leaves and talk about November.

I don't know of many people besides me who actually like the month of November. October is my favorite, of course. Gotta love the changing colors, and the beginning of sweatshirt weather. Gotta love that my birthday is smack in the middle of the month. Yay!

But I do think November has a lot going for it. Today is All Saints Day if you choose to observe it. I am, in a personal way, because my dad died this summer. We'll have a short but very meaningful ceremony in church tomorrow as well, lighting a candle for each member who passed away this year. We'll shed some tears, and remember to be thankful for lives well lived.

The leaves are pretty here now. I was afraid Hurricane Ike, which terrorized the Ohio Valley, had put the quietus on fall color, but I'm thankful to be wrong on that. The color is at its height this weekend. For the next several days the high temps are supposed to be 70-ish, then back down to sweatshirt weather in the evening, and cold enough at night to maybe light the fireplace. Perfect.

My cousin Shannon and I celebrate our birthdays together in November. Hers is in December, so we basically split the difference. We try to do something a little out of the ordinary when we get together. Sometimes that just means trying a new kind of food--last time it was Persian. (Interesting.) Doesn't matter a whole lot what we do, though, because a day with her is always fun! And at our November outing we both get to open presents!

My mother's birthday is the 9th. That is sad because she died seven years ago. But like All Saints Day, I try to be thankful for the time she was on this earth. More about that next weekend.

My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. I love that it is not hugely commercialized like most holidays. I love that it is about gratitude. It's also the only time of year I'm a big fan of leftovers. I almost like the Thanksgiving Dinner leftovers better than the first time around.

I even love the gray of November skies. As much as the ultimate October sky is an amazing blue, November's is this awesome shade of gray.

I've had my walk this morning in the cool, brisk air. The sun is going to shine. I feel grateful. Do you?



  1. Good morning, Magdalena! I like your welcome of November. Yesterday I was lamenting about the closing of Fall on my blog. November is just a different kind of Fall, I think, than October! I'm glad the sky is still blue today. I need to go take that walk and enjoy.

    Today I am grateful to be home after a couple of weeks of day job travel.

    Enjoy the day!


  2. Thanks, Maddie. Much as I enjoy November, I agree it is a little sad to leave October behind.

    For anyone who is interested, Susan Wiggs is hosting The Gratitude Project on her blog every day from now til Thanksgiving.

    Go to

  3. I also enjoy Novemeber and Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday too. Thank you for the poem. Jonell

  4. Jonell, I'm glad you like the poem I posted on Nov. 2. It's one I memorized when I was a little girl.