Monday, December 29, 2008

Have you tried a book diet?

I recently heard from a reader that she had been so involved in one of my stories that she forgot about the Christmas ham in the oven--until it had dried out.

Another reader told me, when she was reading Midnight in Legend, TN in the Ladies of Legend: Finding Home anthology, she was so caught up in the story, when she realized she was hungry she didn't want to put down the book to prepare a meal... So she took the book into the kitchen with her and quickly fixed a PB&J sandwich.

Is it wrong of me to enjoy these readers' tales? No one really went without food, after all.

The ham was still edible, and there were also other dishes being prepared for the family Christmas dinner.

And the lady with the PB&J sandwich was alone that evening, so she didn't inconvenience anyone, and didn't actually skip a meal.

Maybe I should try a new marketing plan: Not a diet book, but a book diet...

Whaddya think?



  1. I have to say... I have been in the same place as the lady with the PB&J sandwich. And I didn't mind it at all! I think a book diet is a great idea. I wonder just how many problems might be solved if people would just read?!

  2. Yep, I agree that a book diet sounds like a wonderful idea. I have taken books to the kitchen with me and in between stirring a pot of beans or checking a dish in the oven, have read...

    Sometimes its so hard to put a book down, well, I just have no other choice! LOL

  3. Amy and Taryn,

    So glad you like the book diet idea!

    Just as an aside, I wonder if it might get me out of cooking supper tonight. Hm...