Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Here's an important point... No! Wait! It's over here...

Not sure if you've sensed my frazzledness lately. Or if, in fact, frazzledness is a word. I suspect it isn't, but I believe I'll stick with it because it is so descriptive of the many directions I've been going lately. I apologize if I've been sending you in too many directions, too.

It's hard not to be swept up in the excitement that our Christmas novellas seem to be doing so well at Fictionwise. All four of the Ladies of Legend authors have been excited about it, but probably I'm the only one who's frazzled.

Last night I realized there are two big ebook sales that I should tell you about:

Fictionwise has all holiday books discounted 30 percent through December 25. That's a good price for a brand new book. ALL ebooks--not just holiday themes--are 20 percent off at Resplendence Publishing, through the end of 2008! So if you've taken the ebook plunge--another of the many directions I've sent you--maybe you're glad of that.

I have a tendency to get swept up in things... Watching the Fictionwise pages, watching the Amazon pages to see what our current rankings are. And then there is all the publishing news that comes into my Giant Blog Feed Reader. If you don't already know, much of the news is not good for print publishers. Not to mention other news that's not good. It's such a scary time for all of us. Last night I barely slept. What am I thinking, trying to reinvent myself in the midst of all this uncertainty?

I don't know. I really don't. Yet I cannot believe this journey is wrong. I just have to remember even though my map is sketchy, I should refer to it occasionally. That will help me feel less frazzled, I hope.


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