Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Is this...a sign?

Sometimes, in the long and mostly solitary days in the life of a writer, one may wish for a sign that one is following the correct path.

One may, while preparing the evening meal, be second-guessing a whole lot of stuff. Until one reaches into the bag of potatoes and pulls out The Heart Shaped Potato! Yes, I took a picture of a potato...on a fancy pillow. No, it did not go into the mashed potatoes that I made to go with meatloaf.

But hey--back to the matter at hand. Is this a sign? Does this mean I'm meant to be a romance author?

Or is it just the beginnings of potato soup later this week?



  1. Maddalena,
    I'm reminded of all of Maddie's food pictures she posts on her blog.

    Well, I guess I would take it as a sign, then peel it, cook it, and put it in the soup.

    The heart shaped potato is a metaphor for our hearts. If we guard them and try to "save" them, then they shrivel up and people say "Gross! What the heck is that?!" and it's not even good for eating. Well, okay, the analogy does not work entirely, but with our hearts (our loving kind of heart, not the pumping the blood through your body kind), you have to use it, risk it, love with it, wear it out even by all the life you've loved with it. And it won't ever shrivel. In fact, it'll grow three sizes larger like that green guy. He was still the same-looking kind of guy, but when he began feeling affection for those who people, he smiled and it just transformed him. He then looked like one of my professors in grad. school, one of the kindest, humblest, gentlest men I've known.

    And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my inspiration from a heart-shaped potato on a pretty pillow.

  2. I had a manuscript that was previously published and I had considered sending it to my RP editor. I hemmed and hawed unsure what to do when one day I noticed a red tailed hawk was spending a lot of time around my home.

    I enjoyed its beauty and kind of wondered if it *might be a sign* Then one morning we came home from church and the magnificent creature was perched ON MY PORCH RAIL! I knew then and there it was a definite sign. I recently sent the manuscript in and am now impatiently awaiting word after the New Year. (With the holidays upon us I don't expect my editor to read submission until then.)

    Why was this hawk so important you ask? Because the book is about a shape shifting shaman who transforms into a hawk. Now whenever I see my friend visiting my home I refer to it as Flint.

    Great topic Magdelena!


  3. Yes, I think that's a sign you're on the right path...and I agree with Jennifer- don't save it back- put your "heart" into it- in your potato soup and in your writing.

    Sounds to me like your heart is in the right place and headed in the right direction. You were just given a gentle reminder as you wrestled with self-doubt. :) Now lift your chin and said proudly "I AM a romance author."

  4. Jennifer, JJ, and Taryn,

    Thank you all for the very thoughtful posts.

    Jennifer--your analogy of the potato to the loving heart is definitely worthy of a grad school paper. :)

    JJ--the red tailed hawk story is very cool. I look forward to hearing more about that!

    Taryn, I think you're right about putting the potato into the soup, and doing everything with love.