Saturday, December 20, 2008

Just Visiting

My son is here for a while. Just visiting for the holidays, you know, from college--which he calls "home" from time to time in conversation. It surprised us all the first time that slipped out, but really, it's true, isn't it?

That tiny cluttered dorm room, shared with a guy who was a total stranger to him in August, is now his home. The campus and the town it's in are very familiar... And now this little town he grew up in is seen with new eyes.

He'll be here three weeks. He'll goof around with friends he hasn't seen for a while. He'll go to the high school before they let out for Christmas break, and check in on his favorite teachers. He'll likely play piano for the choir, because the director will ask him to.

He'll play the pipe organ at church too, and sing. And he'll work a few days at his old job. I think they've kept a chair open for him.

We'll have a great visit, but we'll also have spats just like the high school days (oh--maybe not as much as the high school days--please?).

And, sooner than we expect, he'll load up his stuff and head back...home.


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