Tuesday, December 9, 2008

More About E-Reading

Here is a link to an annual guide of ebook reading devices, found at Dear Author. When I was shopping--and smacking myself on the forehead repeatedly due to the confusion of it all--I found last year's guide to be very helpful.

In other ereading stuff, today I changed over my investment prospectuses, etc., to be received via email instead of on paper. I mean, the numbers are bad enough already--why put them on paper and send through the mail, making the whole thing even more expensive?

I also subscribe to the electronic version of our local newspaper. Of course, for free I can read some of the paper online, but I like seeing the whole paper, and I don't like ads that flash while I'm trying to read--something you get with the free version. The electronic version is available hours earlier than the paper can be delivered, and it arrives inside one's comfy house instead of in the neighbor's hedge. On your lunch hour, if it's allowed, you can pull up your subscription on your work computer and read an article the co-workers have been discussing. You can even email interesting articles to friends. You might check and see if your newspaper is available in an electronic version. Wall Street Journal is!

Some magazines offer the choice of an online subscription, and I hope this is a trend. I am more and more bothered by paper waste, and for me, these are good solutions.


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