Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Radio Show. Check.

Checking things off my to-do list this week. Last night was a biggie.

We got through the radio interview. We missed Janet. She had one of those real life intervenes days, as we all do sometimes. Darn--I was looking forward to hearing her soft Southern accent on the program.

We talked about how the four of us got together and created the Ladies of Legend book series, and about some of our other books, too. I'm trying to block out of my memory anything stupid I may have--probably did--say.

Fortunately Maddie and Jan were comfortable with it, and Cat Johnson, who did the interview, did an amazing job. She had visited our websites, MySpaces, etc., and had lots of interesting questions. She even mentioned the Heart-Shaped Potato. So you know she did her homework, right? (Sheesh, now I'm in web radio archives giggling about my Heart-Shaped Potato.)

I giggled too much, probably said "hmmm" and "uhhhh" too much. And who knows what else. But I did not pass out, or hang up, so it was a good day, and such a wonderful opportunity!

Radio show. Check.



  1. You did great last night. The heart shaped potato shows your sense of humor. I found the show very entertaining. I also want to say that having just finished the Legends Christmas Anthology, I can't wait for more. Each story features old friends and has me rooting for new ones.
    Good job to all

  2. Oh yikes...someone actually listened to the radio show? :)

    Thanks, Garden Girl, for your comment. I'm glad you enjoyed the show--and A Legendary Christmas!