Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Working Hard

Yes, I've been working hard today. It might not look that way to the casual observer, I suppose. Which is why I close the door.

Today I ate oatmeal for breakfast, trying to make up for the quantity of cholesterol that entered my body over Thanksgiving. I took a two mile walk in 20-something degree weather. Brrr! An invigorating start to the day.

I checked my blog reader and saw--GASP--I won two free books on the Harlequin American Romance Authors blog. How cool is that? Anyone who comments during the month is entered into the drawing. I don't even recall commenting. Okay, that part isn't a surprise, but the free books are!

Then I made a computer cozy for my laptop. It's darn cute. I have even received a compliment on my ingenuity. That was my creative activity so far.

The rest of the time I've spent with paperwork. Last weekend a friend and her daughter were visiting our hometown, and when she called to say they'd like to come over, I excitedly said SURE--and then unceremoniously dropped a mountain of paperwork into a tote bag and stuck it into the closet. Voila--tidiness!

I spent hours today with the paperwork--typing minutes, updating spreadsheets, sending emails to follow up on notes to myself, recycling/shredding--and filing away the absolute minimum of paper. I have three items that still need to be acted upon, and those I am leaving for tomorrow. I'm happy with the progress. I work much better in a tidy environment. Seeing clutter around me makes my mind feel cluttered. And why should it have yet another roadblock?

Aack! I wanted to remind you if you haven't already done this--you can win a Sony eReader from The Wild Rose Press. Well, somebody can win it. Might be you. Jan Scarbrough, one of my SisterWriters, blogged about it here. Check it out! (And if you haven't read Jan's Tangled Memories--ohmygoodness, it's excellent!)

Okay, enough for now. Off to the kitchen for my second act of creativity. Spaghetti or--spaghetti?



  1. It makes me sad that the little man pictured here is NOT working. He's supposed to be digging. He's an animated gif, and they move.



  2. I can't believe you stuff papers in a tote bag and then shove them in a closet! I thought I was the only one who did that. Hmmmm....


    p.s. thanks for the 'splaining about the 'sghetti...

  3. Oh my goodness! Could you stop by my house on your tour and tidy my office? I'll make scones and tea.

  4. Scones and tea, you say? I'm there, Cheryl!