Saturday, January 3, 2009

THE BLANK BOOK...and the blank books!?!

Does Life Imitate Art? Does Truth (or Reality) Imitate Fiction? Can anyone remember the quote? Because I can't. I do remember Truth is Stranger than Fiction, but I don't want to go there with this post. You'll see why...

In my frenzy of decluttering yesterday, I cleaned out two drawers of a piece of furniture formerly used as a desk. I didn't have a desk in those days. Actually, I still don't have a desk. Huh.

Anyway, I tossed a lot of stuff into the recycling bin, and shredded a lot, too. Some things survived the cut, though, including the blank books. Fourteen of them. Fourteen of them which are now stacked on a chair in the sitting room, where they are near the seven I have in the antique oak secretary (almost a desk). No way will they all fit in there, and I'm not sure where to store them.

This makes me think of Alice Williams, the heroine in my novel, The Blank Book. Alice has an addiction, and one of the symptoms is that she has a desk full of blank books. Actually, they're not just in the desk. They're stored other places too, because she doesn't have space in the desk. And she keeps acquiring them... Hm.

Of course THE Blank Book in the story isn't something she picked up off a shelf in a department or discount store. THE Blank Book is something else entirely, and when Alice begins to write a story in it, that story begins to take over her life.

But these twenty-one blank books--even though some of them are unusual looking--these blank books are just normal. I'm sure. And writing stories in them will not make the stories come true. Because stuff like that doesn't really happen.




  1. All right, this is just way to unreal and I have the picture to prove it and I will send it to you. In my own mucking out of my office, I've come across a few blank books, too... A stack of 'em, in fact. I guess it's a writer thing? A Libra thing? Just a ... thing?

  2. Ooh...scary. *shiver*

    Or if it's not scary, it's still interesting that you and I keep doing/thinking the same things lately. Maybe cuz we're almost twins.

    I look forward to the picture.

  3. I don't have nearly that many, but I do have probably about 10 blank notebooks myself. I can't help myself when they're like 70 cents each- especially if I catch them during the back to school sales cause I never know when I might need a new one to jot notes or novel ideas in.

    (mine's an Aquarius thing I guess) :)

  4. Taryn,

    Only ten blank books?'re young yet. There's time.


  5. I love blank notebooks, too. And blank journals. I don't really know why, because I don't use them a lot. I have one in my computer case that I keep with me for jotting notes, but that doesn't really explain the three legal pads, two pocket flip-notebooks, and two bound journals that are in my house. I think it's a writer thing, Maddie. I think, as writers, the blank page fascinates us. Because we don't just see paper or lines. We see possibilities. We imagine the words and stories that could fill those pages. Of course, most of our serious writing takes place on the computer screen. Sometimes I wish my blank Word document looked as pleasing and inviting as a blank notebook!

    Great post Magdalena!

  6. Ah, I have a collection of them, also, and last year resolved to start using them. I think there's the fear of "wasting" them if my words aren't good enough to "mess up" a nice, pretty book. I did start using one last year - in pencil, lol. Yesterday I picked up another because it is a gorgeous lemon yellow and was on sale. Now ... what to put in it!

  7. Amy, I agree there is something especially inviting about a blank notebook page. It's exciting to put the first word onto a brand new page! Definitely moreso than with a computer screen, though I love my laptop!

    LK, your new notebook sounds lovely. How funny that you wrote in pencil in one. I've had similar experiences of not being sure I would do well enough with an especially pretty blank book. Most of the time I end up using the cheaper ring-bound ones instead of the pretty ones. Geesh! Life is too short for that kind of thinking, isn't it?

    Thanks to both of you for stopping by...