Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Books and Coffee

I had a lovely outing to Louisville, Kentucky today with a friend. We decided ahead of time to give our outing a theme: Books and Coffee. Turns out this was the perfect theme, because the weather was COLD and WINDY with occasional sleet and snow! Yeesh.

We visited a darling little independent bookstore, and a big chain store. The people in both were so very nice! I hope to share news here soon about my books being available in both locations. It's in the works, but the books aren't on the shelves yet. Exciting stuff--for me, at least.

It was such a nice day, and of course I have new books to read. The printed-on-paper kind.

Gotta run now. Literally--maybe around the block. Cuz, like, I had so much coffee, I'm bouncing off the walls. Next time maybe my theme should be books and decaf coffee?



  1. Hope your books find their way to the shelves of both those indies very soon. Keep plugging!

  2. Hey, Devon! Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate the encouragement...