Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Brightening the corner

How do you like my flowers?

Remember the other day when I was so tired of grey? I considered buying a big bouquet of fresh flowers for the sitting room where I spend so much time. But, well, money is a bit tight, so I decided to brighten my world with these flowers. They're in the center of my laptop monitor, in the middle of a bright green background. I feel more cheerful already!

For the next several days I'm going to say "no" to some things I'd rather say "yes" to, so I can meet my manuscript deadline. This is a bummer. The bright side? I love having a deadline! I love the story I'm writing, and the one I'm going to write next. No, I haven't decided which of the three main possibilities is next. But it doesn't matter, because I love all of them!

I have another fun project coming up. I'm going to design a brochure for a friend who has her own shop. She's seen the signs I make to advertise my booksignings, and she asked how much I enjoy doing that. Answer: I love doing it! So, this will be a neat new way to be creative. We had a little discussion about marketing and networking too. You know I'm all about that, right?

Seriously. If you'd known me a couple of years ago, you wouldn't even recognize me now. What a difference the right life path makes. This was part of what I heard in Sunday's sermon that meant so much to me.

I hope your corner is bright today. If not, what would cheer it up a little bit?


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