Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Casual Tuesday

Here’s the thing. What’s the fun of working at home if you have to dress up? I mean, my alarm goes off at 6:00 a.m., I drink coffee and do my online stuff, walk a couple of miles (weather permitting), and then shower. At that point, quite often I go back to the laptop for a while before actually getting dressed and putting on makeup. I’m not being a slacker just because I’m in my bathrobe. And, heck, who’s going to see me?

Well… Tuesday it was the FedEx guy. My son was expecting the delivery, it had to be signed for, and I was the only one home. I peeked out the window when I heard the knock at the door, and when I saw the FedEx truck, I knew my momly duty was to answer the door. In my white terry bathrobe and matching headgear, unlike our model above who has cutely coiffed dry hair. I knew if I didn’t hurry, the guy would leave and take the package with him.


I apologized profusely, and as he left I told him to try to block it from his mind. Poor guy. I hope he isn’t traumatized.

Of course my son owes me, big time.



  1. Magdalena, I've read somewhere that delivery men such as the one you referenced (but not implying it of that particular one!) have the most bizarre and frequent sexual encounters AND that women fantasize more about having an unexpected encounter with a delivery man than with any other.

    So, by showing up in your robe and headgear you were only protecting yourself... and keeping the delivery man on schedule.


  2. I have shown up at the door for the UPS guy but it wasn't my normal one in my robe. lol If I hear the door bell ring, I throw something on quick. lol

  3. I was protecting myself and keeping the delivery man on schedule? Okay, thanks for the "out," Maddie. I can't say I've ever fantasized about a delivery man. This poor guy is probably nightmaring and/or asking to be assigned to a different route.

    Anne, thank you for commiserating with me. If I get caught in this situation I'll try to do a quick change as you do. But that still doesn't take care of the hair. I actually took the towel off my head, glanced in the mirror, and put it back on again as the better look. Scary, huh?

  4. I too, make a mad dash to "straighten" myself up a little, though usually I know approximately when to expect a UPS or FedEx delivery.

    I agree your son owes you for it.

  5. Taryn,

    This is a great thing about ordering online if you track the order. Unfortunately, it wasn't my order and I didn't realize it was going to arrive yesterday.

    Not sure how I can extract payment from my son...

  6. Ha Ha. My bathrobe incident was with the meter reader yesterday. My 180 lb mastiff HATES him , and I'm scared someday he's going to bite him. So I go out and try to drag the beast away as meter man clomps across my deck. At least my robe was somewhat clean, my hair was dry and still somewhat in order from the day before.
    Yep, Lovely.

  7. lilmoose,

    Your bathrobe incident was much more dramatic than mine! You win!