Monday, January 26, 2009

Feeling like a million bucks!

Sometimes I have to feel "under the weather" in order to appreciate my normally good health. I don’t know if that’s human nature or just me being ungrateful.

The last few weeks I’ve been so-so. Today, however, I could strap on some four-inch stilettos, slip into a really great red dress, and go dancing! Wahoo!

Of course I’m writing instead, but I will listen to glorious music while I write. It's probably just as well--I'd break my neck in those stilettos.



  1. So glad you're feeling so good today! Here's to you- getting lots of writing done!!

  2. Glad you're feeling good today. You've had some off days recently. Good luck writing. Don't know how much I'll get done with the kids off school today, but I'll try.
    And no stilettos, we've got more snow coming.

  3. Taryn, Devon, and lilmoose,

    Thank you all for stopping by! Golly, I didn't know I'd have your company today. With four, we could have done a square dance, which, coincidentally, does not require stilettos.

    Happy day to you, ladies!


  4. As we work to reinvent ourselves, one of the most important discoveries we can make is what makes us feel powerful-like a million bucks. It sounds to me like your power comes from writing. Once you know what makes you feel powerful, your reinvention process becomes much more fun.
    I have yet to hone in on exactly what makes me feel powerful, however, I am one of those rare women who love stilettos. If all goes well in the process, whatever I come up with will allow me to wear the high heels I have loved since childhod. Wish me luck!!:)

  5. Garden Girl,

    All the best to you in your Reinvention! What I think you'll find is that "luck"--if it even exists--is not required. Attitude, persistence, talent, and timing are some of the required items in the reinvenor's toolbox. And, in your case, stilettos.