Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy Anniversary, Harlequin!

Don't you just love people who give you a gift when it's their birthday?

Don't know anybody who does that? Well, yes you do! Harlequin is celebrating its 60th anniversary by giving away $60 USD worth of ebooks to anyone who wants them. (Some titles have adult content, so watch for that if you're not an adult. It comes up in red letters when you click on the book.)

I hadn't noticed Harlequin offering so many different formats, but these books come in your choice of five. Yet another chance for the intrepid ereader to experiment. For the non-intrepid ereader who wants to sit at the computer, you'll probably want to choose Adobe. I guess that's why they put it as the big red button, above the other formats.

Go here and download to your heart's content.

Sorry, the offer isn't available to you if you are a resident of Quebec. Read that in the small print. Fortunately Magdalenaville isn't located in Quebec.

Happy Anniversary, Harlequin! We heart you!


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