Friday, January 16, 2009

Saturday's Blog

I'm posting this on Friday evening, because I have to light out of here early tomorrow for the Kentucky Romance Writers meeting in Lexington. It's a long drive for me, but always worth it!

Tomorrow's speaker is our one-and-only guy member, Michael Embry. I'm really looking forward to his presentation. Also looking forward to seeing the rest of our members again. We only meet six times a year, so if you miss one meeting it's a long time between in-person visits. So, hey, what's a five-hour round trip?

As you know, I don't post on Sundays. Meet you back here on Monday...



  1. I should tell you that I'm not the only one with a long drive tomorrow. Most KYRW members are quite a distance from Lexington. I don't even think my 2.5 hours one way is the longest.

  2. Well, so much for planning ahead. I woke up sick and didn't get to go to the meeting at all! I'm pouting...and pathetic.

  3. Hey Magdalena! We missed you yesterday. I hope you're feeling better. And I hope we'll be able to visit during our events in March!


  4. Amy!!!

    Yes, I'm fine today. Sounds like Saturday's meeting was great. And the March event looks like a huge winner!