Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Ice skating, anyone? There's an opportunity for it on every street and parking lot in the neighborhood. Icky weather here in Magdalenaville. Snow, then ice, then, well, more snow.

I was without power a few hours, and without internet a few hours longer.

Nothing drastic, in other words--just a bit of inconvenience. That, and the fact that the dog and I are not speaking to each other. You know how he is about requiring a constant acceptable temperature in here. (If you don't know, read yesterday's post about the Two o'clock feeding.)

Anyway, the dog and I are looking daggers at each other, but that's the worst of it. While the power was off I even cleaned house a while. I baked a casserole and made potato soup when the electricity came on. Cuz you know, it may go off again.

Now, where are those ice skates?


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  1. Well, I blogged about my very traumatic day. Check it out if you dare: