Monday, January 5, 2009

Slow Start

Is Monday hitting you hard? I've been up for hours, had my coffee, but still not feeling awake. You'd think I'd had a wild weekend... Unless, of course, you know me, and then that thought would never enter your mind!

Here is a picture of the blank books I uncovered in my decluttering on Friday. Hm. I've moved them from the drawers, to the chair where I took their photo, to the floor where they add a sense of, um, clutter to the sitting room. Yes, my decluttering has created some clutter, and this isn't all of it. Fortunately, it's all you will see.

When I took a load of excess stuff to Goodwill on Friday, it was a busy place! It was, like, unload and get outta the way, because there was someone behind you wanting to do the same thing. I guess decluttering is big in January.

Speaking of that, Maddie James has re-vamped the SisterWriters blog page. It wasn't cluttered before, yet it does look fresh and new. As always, she's done a lovely job. If you have a moment to check it out, please do. We're posting more often over there, which is such fun--at least for us! Saturday I realized I had forgotten to do my weekly Friday post on SisterWriters, so I put that up on Saturday. It's about centering. I am really struggling with that. Can ya tell?



  1. I know your pain. Maybe it's the warmer weather we've been having. I've had the bug too. I think it started when I couldn't figure out where to put some Christmas stuff.
    Keep at it. It's that much less you have to do later.

  2. Well, it's always good if problems can be blamed on the weather! :) Thanks for stopping by, lilmoose!

  3. Even though I've been working through my novel I need to finish- I've also had decluttering on my mine. My spare bedroom looks like a dump truck just dropped a load on the bed from me trying to get all the Christmas stuff put away in there. ;o)

    I got my exercise done today and have been writing, but other than that I'm kind of in a daze.

    I saw the SW blog changes and it looks beautiful! WTG Maddie!

  4. I'm glad one of us is making progress, Taryn! You're miles ahead of me. Could be cuz you're on that Gazelle bike thingy.

  5. Magdalena,
    Monday hit me hard too... because I went back to work after two weeks of Christmas break! Nothing like middle school children to take the wind out of your sails. No, really, they weren't that bad. It was actually the getting up early and leaving before the crack of dawn that made me draggy. Well, that and the gray, icky weather. Yes, I will blame my un-motivatedness on the weather... and I sort of did in today's blog! We all have those days, though, where we don't want to do anything, even the things we usually enjoy. Here's hoping tomorrow's a better day for all of us!


  6. Amy,

    I thought of you today, and my other teacher friends. And, oh my--it takes a special person to teach middle school. Yikes! I actually got some things done, finally, but not necessarily what I'd intended to do. Story of my life lately.

    I read your post about the weather at

    Sorry to be a spoilsport, but I actually like winter. And grey skies. And rain, and snow...

    I know. Weird.