Thursday, January 15, 2009

Soft Words and Speckled Dreams

Today I'm plugging a book, but not one I've written. This slim book of poetry, Soft Words and Speckled Dreams, was written by a friend of mine, Harold Dixon.

Eons ago, he and I worked together. During coffee break, sometimes our conversation turned to writing. My romances, his poetry. The rejection letters. The time spent with Writer's Market (me) and Poet's Market (him). Would we achieve our dreams of being published?

It took us a while, and our routes were different, but we did it! I am so thrilled for Harold. I don't have my copy of his book yet, but I will soon.

Harold is a very humble guy. He doesn't talk a lot about his talents, which are many and varied. For instance, not only did he write this book of poetry, he illustrated it. Here is the blurb on the Amazon page. It tells you, too, what an unassuming man he is:

Life is a constant learning process, from childhood to adults. We're sewing pieces of our story, into the format of our personality. This is part of living, that we are members of this society, and need to make changes along our way. It is to this awakening, I stand as a member of society, in a sea of builders and dreamers of a better tomorrow. If only one poem reaches out with a warm-hearted glow, and insures one soul with a smile, that would be payment enough. I take life as it comes, with no certainties. I enjoy my simple life with my family, on a mini-farm, raising dairy goats, two Australian Shepherds and a few geese.

If you enjoy poetry, you may want to give this book a chance. It is available from Publish America, Amazon, Borders, Barnes & Noble, and Target.



  1. Magdalena,
    I love poetry. I'll add this book to my list!


  2. I just got my copy of this book yesterday. It was a gift to myself.I can't wait to have Harold sign it for me. I also love poetry. Jonell