Friday, January 30, 2009

Thank you for reading!

I read a Writer’s Digest article this week about blogging. Here's a snippet:

“Technorati (, a website that covers all things blog-related, tracks more than 112.8 million active blogs, which means there are more people blogging than there are people reading books. Technorati also reports that there are more than 175,000 new blogs created every day and that bloggers update their pages to the tune of more than 1.6 million posts per day, or more than 18 updates a second.”

To read the full article, go here.

It was very interesting reading, for many reasons. But I mention it because it makes me want to say a big THANK YOU to anyone who is reading this. For goodness' sake, if you have a choice of 112.8 million active blogs, plus the 175,000 new ones created each day, what a huge compliment—whether intentional or not—that you spend some time here in Magdalenaville!



  1. Wow... that's a lot of bloggers! I like reading blogs because they are short snippets of information that can give you a lot of insight into an author, a book, a person, or an event.

    Your blog is always interesting, Magdalena. It's about writing, but not just writing. It's about the life of a woman who is many things... wife, mother, employee, and writer. I can identify with that!

    Thanks for taking the time to read my blog too. We women writers gotta stick together, huh?!


  2. Amy, yes, we women writers definitely have to stick together!

    Thank you for the kind words. Not sure if I've said it before, but I'm glad you started blogging. It's giving me a chance to get to know you better, instead of just seeing you a few times a year at KYRW meetings. You're really DEEP.

    That's one of the ways in which your blog is different from mine! ;)

  3. That really is mind-boggling! Makes me wonder how big are these blog sites that they can handle the load.

    Like you and Amy, I read the blogs of people I know. Helps me connect with them and feel like I know them on a more personal level.

    Other than that, I look at a couple of the sites that comment on news from romance land and do book reviews. It helps to stay informed.

    Blogging is kind of cathartic, isn't it? Almost like having a nifty personal diary. Sometimes, I tend to forget that what I write is going out there for the whole world to see.

  4. Devon,

    Like you, I read blogs about publishing news. Sometimes I spend too much time doing that. Shame on me!

    I do love having my own little blog, where I'm expected (maybe just by me) to show up and do *something* six days a week--and it can be silly all six days if I want!