Saturday, January 31, 2009

That breathless feeling

If you haven't been to ye olde website lately, you may not have seen my new look. This picture is at the top corner of every page. I found it in clip art--where else?--when I was updating a month or so ago.

I was looking for a picture that embodied the type of romance I write. I decided to search "Kiss," and this was my favorite of the several options.

I like so many things about this picture--the unusual location, the way the gown's train is billowed out behind her... But what I like best is the fact that she is so enraptured by the kiss, her beautiful bouquet is in danger of falling out of her hand. I love stories like that. The ones that take your breath away.

That's the kind I want to write, too. Working on it...

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  1. Love the picture Magdalena. I love romantic pictures like that. I think the truly represent what we're trying to illustrate with our words and stories!

  2. Mmm, yes...

    Thinking of printing that picture and framing, for the mantel, as inspiration.

  3. Oh that's gorgeous! Looks good on your site, too.

    I'd use that as a desktop background. Very pretty!

  4. Thanks, Taryn. At the moment I have the Dancer from the January 26 post as my desktop. Might be time to change -- good idea!

  5. The web site looks great! That beautiful picture goes perfectly into the corner slot.

    Here's to writing romances that leave the reader breathless!

  6. Thank you, Devon. Of course it's largely thanks to you that I was brave enough to try creating my own website.

    Yours is looking great. I see you've put the booksigning on there. Yee haw!

  7. Magdalena, I love what you've done with your website. It looks great! And I'm so impressed that you do it all yourself!

  8. Thanks, Maddie. I'm glad you like the updated site. Of course, as far as tech stuff, I am soooooooo far behind you.