Monday, January 12, 2009

This Way to the Pit of Despair

I've been in my own little Pit of Despair the last few days. Totally dug the Pit myself, same as I built the little Raft I mentioned in the previous post. The Raft doesn't work when I'm in the Pit, and there's no way a darling little Houseboat would ever fit in there.

I woke up at 3:00 a.m. today, re-living every wrong decision I've ever made. After lying awake for an hour or so, I went back to sleep. Not because I'd come up with any action plans, but simply because I was exhausted.

See the the signs up there, and the mess of roads? That picture is exactly the way I feel much of the time, and it's daunting. Especially when you're looking at it from a Pit.

I think part of today will be spent trying to sort out my map a little better. I think, somewhere along the way, it got folded wrong.



  1. Hope you find your way back to the straight and narrow road you were traveling.

    Flatten out the map, clearly mark a big red X on all the roads you've traveled that you don't want to travel again as well as roads you don't want to travel ever. Stay away from the ones that warn of pits of despair and past regrets and find your way to the ones that lead to hopes, inspiration, dreams, and determination. Don't take detours back the way you came--but travel the roads you've yet to explore.

    Hope the rest of today had been better and you've been able to clear the path, so to speak.

  2. Ah, Taryn, such wisdom!

    Thank you...