Friday, January 2, 2009


Stuff. I have way too much of it. Some of it is papers, like the poor woman pictured here. I don't think I have quite as much of a paper problem as she does.

I don't function well when I let my surroundings get cluttered. Eventually I get to the point of wanting a scoop shovel to deal with it. I've also threatened to park a dumpster outside and just start pitching things out the window. But mostly I work on a smaller scale.

Yesterday afternoon the Christmas decorations were taken down and stored.

Last night I revamped my website. I changed templates, streamlined, and uploaded a new graphic. Makes me feel all neat and tidy!



  1. Here we go ATAIN! Of course I am in the same mode, as you know. Tidying and pitching and organizing. Something either about Libras or the new year, I guess. What tasks do you have on your list today? I'm doing a little "day job" work at home this morning and then back to filing stuff in my new hanging file folders in my newly organized office closet.... :)

  2. Hm. Me should proofread. AGAIN. Not ATAIN. Is that a word? Not spelled like that, methinks.... (stumbling back for more coffee...)

  3. I'm with you Magdalena. De-cluttering promotes creativity, I think. I'm looking so forward to moving to our new house where I'll have my own office! It's only a corner of the basement, not even walled off from everything else, but it will be MINE! No toys or junk mail allowed!

  4. Maddie, we can go ATAIN if we want. Cuz we is Libras, hear us roar... or something.

    Since you asked, I am loading up Liberty Ann with excess stuff, and she and I are going to the Goodwill Store. Oh, happy day!

    Amy, you will love having your own space, even if it is "only" a corner. My sitting room, simple as it is, functions as a haven of sanity and creativity.