Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Two o'clock feeding

Omigosh. Maybe you know how it is. You take care of it all day, aware of its every need, listening for a sound that might possibly indicate a change in its...um...function. And if there's a change, you'd better take care of it NOW. "Later" is not an option.

Then, finally, you get it settled for the night, and you settle down too. Get all warm and snuggled in bed. Maybe you're at a certain age, or have a lot on your mind, so that it's hard to fall asleep, but, eventually you drift off....mmm...

But--alas!--in the middle of the night, or approximately two o'clock, the dog awakens you. He's not barking or whining, but he's pacing back and forth on the hardwood hall floor outside your bedroom. This is the indicator that it's time for the two o'clock feeding.

So of course you put a pillow over your head, hope someone else will get up and do the two o'clock tonight--um--this morning. The pacing continues until you can't stand it, and know it's your turn tonight. Drag out of bed, stumble through the house in your flannel gown and fuzzy slippers, head into the "mud room" and throw the big ugly shirt on top of your gown, head down to the basement...

Open the furnace door and poke a few sticks of wood into it. (Make sure you shut the door after.) Go back upstairs, dump the ugly shirt, glare at the dog in the dark, go to bed and hope you fall asleep again.

If you heat with wood, maybe you've experienced this.

Maybe you wonder how to train the dog to load wood into the furnace instead of just detecting when it's time for someone else to do it.

Oh--the picture up there? Cute, isn't it? What? You thought this was about feeding a baby? Huh.



  1. LOL! I don't use a stove/furnace myself (wish I had one), but I remember many times when I spent the night at my grandparents out in the country in the winter and someone rustling around to put more wood or coal in the stove and then again around 4 am.

    Hope you're staying warm!

  2. Taryn, yes it's warm! Wood heats you up when you cut it, when you stack it, and then, finally, when you burn it. Deliciously warm, constant heat.


    Check in with me at 2 a.m. and see if I still think it's so great!

  3. This was too funny, Madgalena! Great post!