Thursday, January 1, 2009

Yesterday's post was such fun to write, but the underlying topic is serious. I appreciate everyone's comments.

FYI, I have taken the yarn out of the cupboard, but so far do not see the knitting needles. I know they must be in this house somewhere--everything imaginable is in this house somewhere--so I'll look some more after I take my walk. Thus far I have yarn and a crochet hook, which is way more intimidating to me than knitting needles.

I've posted the first incarnation of a List here today. This list will not be New Year's Resolutions. I don't do those. Rather, it will consist of things I am currently working on in the effort to reinvent myself. I'll keep it on the right-hand column of the blog, and alter it from time to time. I will try to review it occasionally, to add new reinvention projects. And if I look at the list and see I'm not doing something, off it comes. The list should help keep me on track, and keep me honest.

Feel free to let me know if you see I'm slacking on the list. Feel free to make your own list, too. You can post it in comments here if you want. As always, the journey to reinvention will be more pleasant if friends are laugh about the wicked witches, and find ways to avoid them!



  1. I decided that instead of a list or resolutions, I would focus on becoming the person I see in my head(The one I want to be). So my daily goal is to work towards becoming my new mantra***

    I am a thin and healthy, finacially secure, spiritually strong, smart, sexy, successful woman.

    Each day I am going to do things that get me closer to being that woman.
    Today, I am applying for new jobs and am going to spend at least 30 minutes teaching myself something new techno wise(Iknow that is not proper english, however it is very descriptive).

    You and your readers inspire me to become more.

  2. I also have goals this year. Your list has a lot of my list listed! I am going to work on some each day and set small goals that lead to the the big goal. That is my plan, and you know how I like to have a plan. Jonell

  3. Garden Girl,

    That is some great mantra you got goin' on there! I like your plan of envisioning the ideal you and doing what it takes to become that person. I like that plan a lot...

    I look forward to hearing about it as you go along, if you care to share.


    Yes, I DO know how you like to have a plan, and a well thought out list. And I also know you are very good at getting things done.

    Yay! We've got a good start, ladies!

  4. I got tired of seeing that list. So far I'm doing pretty well on it, FYI. But since I got tired of it, I took it down and put some new stuff in its place.