Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Yesterday's Snail-Mail

I don't send a lot of cards. Most of the time I don't think of it. When I do, it's usually not the paper kind. I send e-cards. They arrive on time, sing and dance on command--or not, at the recipient's preference. E-cards can be read/played repeatedly, or deleted immediately, and do not require storage or dusting. They won't inflict the "trash, shred, or recycle" question.

I receive e-cards too. Most of my friends have gotten into the habit. So it was a big surprise to find a card-shaped envelope in the actual physical mailbox on the front porch yesterday. Huh. A card. The kind you hold in your hand!

Here is what it says:

Congratulations on the recent sale of your book!
We applaud your achievement and
wish you continued success.

Warm Regards,
The Board and staff of Romance Writers of America

All kinds of feelings swept over me when I read the card. RWA didn't have to send that to me. The organization is huge, and has important people as members. The office staff must be terribly busy. Yet someone made the decision to send those specially made cards to newly published authors, and someone hand-addressed it.

You know I've been decluttering. I've thrown away and shredded so much paper this year. But this card? I really think this one will be sticking around.



  1. What a nice keepsake, Magdalena! It's easy to think we get lost in the shuffle of the multitude that is RWA, and many times it's probably true. It's nice to know there's a plan in place for recognizing the new sales of its members. I don't blame you for hanging on to it... that is NOT an item to de-clutter! Congrats!

  2. Amy,

    You know how much the KYRW pins meant to me when they were presented in the meeting a while ago. I came pretty close to crying. Those are on display in the sitting room. Some things are worth dusting!