Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Got my mad face on

Hm. This isn't good. I've got my mad face on. I'm frustrated and ticked and...frustrated again.

Not only has my celery crown wilted and begun to rot (see yesterday's post), some of the things I was excited about have fallen flat. Dangit--I hate when that happens.

The only silver linings to these particular clouds, as far as I can tell, are:

1. I'm not adding to the wrinkles around my mouth by smiling.
2. I was so wrought up during my morning walk, I did it in record time.
3. Maybe the current frustrations will make me reinvent myself more effectively, or more quickly, or both.

I dunno. But I think this clip art girl looks pretty classy with her mad face on. I'm just hoping not to scare small children when I head to the store later.



  1. Whatever is making you feel ticked and frustrated--the new ms. or something personal--I hope you work through it soon. Meanwhile, here's a {{{HUG}}}.

  2. Thank you for the hug, Devon. It helps.

  3. Wow, Magdalena! I've never seen you mad. Well, If you can't talk it out with whoever made you mad, redirect the energy and clean something you keep putting off or have never done. That way that bad energy will be used for something good, and it will probably stay cleaner longer than you will stay mad.
    The dog's not helping, Huh? Or did he make you mad?

  4. Jennifer,

    The dog knows my mad face. He's keeping a VERY low profile.

    I remember an episode of THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW--you're too young to remember that--where Mary was upset about something, and she cleaned everything in sight. I think she was a stress-cleaner instead of a stress-eater.

    If something ends up clean today, I'll let you know!

  5. {{{{hugs}}}}

    I sure hope whatever has soured your day shall pass in no time.

  6. Thanks you for the hug, Taryn.

    I think I have *almost* finished my silent rant. By tomorrow I should be done wearing my mad face.

    Really hoping that's true.

  7. Wow, I hope it goes away soon! Sorry, Magdalena... (and am hoping it had nothing to do with frenatic writer-related discussions...)

  8. Maddie,

    Better today. Actually, by the time we were having that frenetic discussion, I was feeling much less like throwing large breakable items at brick walls. Thank goodness.