Monday, February 9, 2009


Okay, not very much housekeeping, cuz that's just not my thing.

This is actually more blogkeeping, but I'm nearly certain that isn't a word. So I won't use it.

Just wanted to point out that I recently added a couple of links to the sidebar. UPCOMING TITLES has a "click here" that will take you to 2009 releases, listed on my website. The link under WHAT AND WHERE will take you to the Appearances page of the website.

This made sense to me--to have links here on the blog that will take you to the website, where I'll try to keep the information current. Why have two calendars when links exist? What did I ever do before there were links?

And speaking of links, I bought a sweater yesterday. A bright PINK sweater (rhymes with link). And it's pink with sparkles! COLOR in the midst of grey and gloppy brown, which is what the yard looks like, now that the snow and ice have melted.

How nice when your clip art lady matches your new sweater. I just know this is going to be a good week.

OH! Nearly forgot! If you want to read about this past Saturday's booksigning, go here.



  1. To set your cheeks afire with a rosy glow. Pink is just soooo your color, Magdalena!

    Like the links, er, the pink links. Great idea!

    Hope you have a pinkalicious day. :)

  2. Wonder what it is with us women and pink? I bought a pink sweater, too, a couple of years ago. Made me feel good at the time because it was so pretty and feminine. As yet, I've never worn it. But I keep meaning to, because it's so pretty and feminine. Hmm...

  3. Maddie and Devon,

    I guess it is my duty to wear this pink sweater now that I've blogged about it. Right now I like looking at it, which I can't do if I'm wearing it...

  4. Magdalena, your comment reminds me of what someone told me once about jewelry. She said that you buy rings and bracelets for you, earrings and necklaces for other people. Makes sense, because we can see the rings on our fingers and the baubles around our wrists, but not the others. So, your not wearing the pink, but looking at it, is totally understandable, ladies!

  5. I'm not a pink person. I'm too pragmatic, too dogmatic. But I have to say, my favorite t-shirt in my closet is pink, with a pretty, swirly, sparkly butterfly on the front. I almost hate to wear it, because I don't want to wash it, because when you wash things they begin to show their wear.
    I also thought about you today. I got a fortune cookie package crammed with two cookies. The first one said something lame, like 'have a nice day'. But the second one said , 'When you're finished changing, you're finished'. Made me think of your blog.

  6. Jennifer, this is so good: 'When you're finished changing, you're finished'. Thanks for sharing it! How cool that you thought of the blog when you read that.