Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hushing my mouth--a limited time offer

I got so carried away with myself this morning. I wrote a really long post about inspiration, but after publishing it, I looked at it again. Here's what I saw:

ME blah blah blah blah MY BOOK blah blah blah MY INSPIRATION blah blah blah

You get the picture. Horribly, embarrassingly narcissistic. Yes, even more narcissistic than usual.

So I took it down. The unfortunate thing is I don't know how to save the comments, so two really good comments from Devon Matthews are lost. Crud. And SORRY! Because, as I said, they were really good.

I think today I'll be quiet for a change. Try not to rejoice too loudly, okay?



  1. Ah, Magdalena. There was nothing wrong with your post. This is *your* personal blog. This is the place where you're allowed and even expected to talk about yourself, your books, your writing. If you are guilty of being narcissistic, then I'm sure I'm doubly so with many of the posts over on my blog...and probably even in my comments to others. Stop second-guessing yourself. You're beginning to sound like me. Surely, SURELY, you don't want that. ;o)

  2. Thank you for the kind words, Devon. It was one of those "let steep one hour before posting" posts, and I skipped the steeping.

    But me? Second guessing?

    Me? Second guessing?


  3. This is your blog and I've said it before. If we didn't like what you wrote, we wouldn't keep coming back. Write what you want.

  4. My insecurity is really hanging out in the breeze today, huh, Jennifer?

    Amazon knows all about it. My blog there (automatically fed from here) still has the first post of the day in its lineup. I should have known better than to delete and think it would actually be GONE.

    Unfortunately, Devon's comments don't show up there.

    OH, yikes--just realized that comments can be posted over there. I'll never remember to look on my Amazon blog for comments! No one has ever posted one there, so maybe I'm safe. OR I don't *think* anyone ever has. Gee, maybe I should read down through and see. Oof.

    My head hurts. More Earl Grey!


  5. Tuck your insecurity back under your dress like you would a slip and don't worry about it. Like Devon said, there's nothing wrong with writing about yourself. This is YOUR blog and if you didn't tell us about yourself, your writing, your books and thoughts, how would we know anything? ;D

    We come here to see what's going on with, who else? YOU!


  6. You are so funny Magadalena! I wish I'd seen your original post, because I'm certain it wasn't as self-centered as you imagined. But I do see your point... sometimes I find myself in the same boat. But trust me when I say, those of us who know you would never ever call you narcissistic!


  7. Taryn and Amy,

    Thanks, ladies. Possibly I've blown this all out of proportion. Um, wouldn't be first time...

    Thanks for rallying 'round, everyone!

    Now...since you're here on Premiere Day, will you stay for CAKE?