Thursday, February 12, 2009

I would have been a lousy pioneer

Confession time. I AM A WIMP.

Although a certain member of my family reminds me at times that we came from pioneer stock--that our forebears crossed the mountains in wagons, overcoming adversity, braving the unknown--well, I gotta tell ya, I wonder about that. As you may recall from this post, I'm not really sure I'm in the right family anyway. I can believe she came from pioneer stock. Me? Hmmm...maybe not.

Pioneer stock wouldn't have lost as much sleep as I did in last night's wind storms, would they? A couple of days ago I was on a whine about winter's cold, snow, and ice. I'd been looking forward to springtime. Then we got a taste of spring weather--complete with high winds.

Suddenly I was ready to leave the wagon alongside the trail and head for the hills. Ready to burrow into a little soddy, and wait for--I dunno. Not summer. Summer is HOT, and I don't do well in hot weather. Just something quiet for a while. Normal weather. A little cold, a little rain. Occasional sun maybe. Some breeziness. I can deal with those.

But since I can't change the weather, or dig a burrow, I guess I'll have to toughen up. Really, I've got it made. The house is old but solid, the trees in the lawn haven't fallen on it, the electricity flickered but did not entirely drop out. There's heat as long as I remember to put wood in the furnace, and when I turn on the faucet there's water that does not have to be boiled to be potable. It's all good, huh?

But I need someone to explain all this to the dog, because yesterday and most of last night, as we were deluged with potential tornadic activity, he was looking at me like, "Why don't you stop this craziness?" He seems to think I'm pretty powerful. I guess he must have bought into the pioneer stock theory.



  1. I have to tell you, I thought Ohio was bad, with snow and all,but Ky is much worse. We never had windstorms this bad in Oh. We'd get piled on with the snow, but wind shears and tornadoes were very rare up there.
    Believe me, I've had to adapt too. Especially since we live on top of a very high hill.
    I guess, Magdalena, be glad we don't live in Oklahoma.

  2. You're right, of course, Jennifer. Those poor people in Oklahoma! I was only WORRYING about tornadoes, and they were having them for real. Tragic.

    FYI-Just guessing that YOU probably would have been a great pioneer.

  3. I come from hardy pioneer stock, too, but these storms scare me to death anymore! We've had many close calls with tornadoes in the past several years; family members now call me after each storm to see if we're still here. Yesterday was no exception. The wind took down a HUGE oak tree out back just across the property line. Selfishly, I'm glad it fell into my neighbor's yard and not mine this time.

  4. Devon,

    I'm glad you've gotten through another storm okay. Maybe we're getting all the nasty weather out of the way and the rest of the year will be delightful.

    A girl can dream, right?