Monday, February 23, 2009

Itty bitty fame

I live in a small town. Many of the local residents know I'm a writer, and I've received so much encouragement here. It's been surprising and humbling.

I thought I'd share a few recent moments of my itty bitty fame, generated by a huge--nay, giant--article about me and The Blank Book in the local paper. Um, and then there was the follow-up by another local paper with a picture of me and three readers. A huge, giant picture which makes me ponder, yet again, the option of having the beauty mark removed from my chin.

Yesterday before church began, someone teased me about being Alice in the book. I explained to him (yes, him) about the use of first person POV as a storytelling tool. He was just teasing me anyway, and looking for a reaction. My big reaction was, "You read the book? The whole book?" Cuz, did I mention this is a man? He obviously had read the whole book, because a little while later while we were having a meet-and-greet time, he made a comment about a small section in the middle of the story. It's one of Alice's many musings about Robert, the hero, and to me, it's kinda witty. But this guy's comment about it was hilarious! I just laughed out loud. Of course so did he--when I told him some people really, truly thought this was my life story. First person POV. If I ever use it again, remind me to make the heroine a tall blonde so it's not misleading to my friends and neighbors.

At lunch in a local restaurant yesterday, a lady came up and congratulated me, and then asked how I got published. How to find a publisher. What the submission process is like. Whether the publisher does all the promotion for you. I was glad to answer her questions, and (of course) gave her a BB postcard. I hope to hear how it goes for her and the mainstream novel she's written.

Then we were shopping, and the lady at the checkout asked me about the newspaper article. Turns out she is an artist (not a writer) so I handed her a BB postcard, and thanked her for her interest. But--uh oh--she has a very interesting life story which someone really should write. Well, see above, I don't do people's actual life stories. I think I'd be terrible at writing someone's life story. I told her she should try to write it herself. Really, that seems the best thing to me, and I've been approached more than once. (Hey, writers out there--what do you say to people who want you to do this? Maybe I'm handling it poorly.)

It was nice to get home and hide out in the sitting room. Sometimes fame--even itty bitty fame--can wear a person out.



  1. Oh, that sounds like a splendid day out and about. What fun and what's better for a writer than when someone is genuinely interested in knowing more about what you do!

    I've yet to have someone want me to write their story of their life- though my mom did give me her idea for a novel set close to the end of the Civil War. I haven't started it yet, but she gave me a lot of great info about the characters she saw in her mind. She said she just didn't think she could write it, but she wanted to give it to me, IF I wanted it. I took it, jotted down all the info she could provide me with because it was truly a brilliant idea for a story.

    I have been told by friends I should write MY life story, but I don't think so. LOL If anyone were to ask me to write their story- I think I'd go the same route as you and encourage them to do so for themselves. No one can tell your story the way you would.:D

  2. Thanks, Taryn! You know, you've intrigued me with the Civil War story. I hope you'll get to write that one some day.

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  4. Magdalena, now I'm the one playing disappearing posts. LOL! I removed my comment because I realized it would probably put you in an awkward spot trying to respond to it. ;o)

    Congratulations, Lady!!! Enjoy your fame and here's hoping there's much, much more to come!!!

  5. Devon, yikes--I responded to your post, and then your post was gone, and then I deleted my response.


    Okay. Thanks for both of them. The local "fame" is fun, and people have been so kind. Since I've spent my life gladly being everybody else's audience, and never in any kind of spotlight, this is a huge change. I'm also kinda shy, so participating in a lot of conversations in one day is tiring.

    Talk about pitiful.