Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Let's talk advertising

Today's post was going to be a fun rebus story about how a large chunk of firewood rolled onto my foot yesterday afternoon, and how badly it hurt, and how I screamed and cried and hoped really hard that I wouldn't lose the nail because almost ten years ago I did something even more stupid and awkward and did lose the nail and it hurt like fury and I am really bad at walking on crutches and so yesterday I lay around with a bag of ice on my foot and refusing to even look at the toe, and when my husband came home I told him what had happened and that he probably needed to put wood in the furnace because as it happens I did not, and that was a couple of hours ago and he said which foot is it and I said the one with the bag of ice on it and he brought me a glass of wine and between that and the ice and the fact that he put the casserole in the oven for me and all I had to do was eat and not walk back and forth to get everything ready then I did feel better but in the night the pain was really bad again and I took two Tylenol PM which is a lot for me and I slept extremely well and probably will be drowsy all day but oh well at least I slept and I also gave myself a pedicure to celebrate the fact that all my toenails seem to be intact and I continue to hope for the best.

But since Blogger and clip art are not working well for me today, I'm not able to do the rebus story. So let's talk advertising. Have you ever rented a flying sign like the one above?



  1. Ha ha ha, you crack me up! You poor thing. That's hurts doesn't it? Last year I had one of my horses lose his balance and he came down on my big toe. It was black and blue for months, but I kept the nail. (Thank goodness, cuz that really grosses me out) You have my sympathy. Sounds like hubby came through in a pinch though.
    Take the day off and pamper yourself.

  2. Jennifer, you definitely have me beat out on the pain issue. A horse on your toe? Or even one-fourth of a horse on your toe...ohmyword.

    I need to go down and check the furnace. Pulling on the steel-toed boots...

  3. First off- I'm glad your toenail is intact and that hubby shouldered the weight while you were incapacitated. Hope you're feeling better in no time.

    I did lose a thumbnail years ago- when I was like 4- helping hammer the nails in the floor when my grandpa was building on an extra room to their house- Not fun at all!

    Rest and relax today!

    As for the flying banner- can't say I've ever used one! LOL

  4. Ow! Thumbnail. Ow. I have a low pain tolerance--even reading about pain.

    I imagine grandpa felt pretty bad about that too.

    So, no flying sign? Huh.

  5. Wow. That was one heck of a long sentence! Glad your toe is gonna pull through. :o)

    As to your question-- in all my fifty-some years, not only have I never hired an airplane to pull a banner behind it, I've heard known anyone who did that, or anything even close. OH! I do know someone who once rented a plain, white billboard next to a freeway. He went out there at night and projected images onto it with a slide projector.

  6. Well. Maybe we can be the first to hire a plane for book advertising.

    I know someone who has a plane.

    Devon, your friend with the white billboard and slide projector sounds like an industrious fellow. I wonder how that promo worked for him.

  7. That industrious fellow was my ex. Another of his make-money-without-too-much-work schemes. He went around to local businesses and talked them into buying advertising. Them he took pictures, added text and whatever and had them made into slides. It lasted for the one month his clients had paid for. He had to sit on the side of I-45 (Houston) all night in the back of a van while the projector did its thing, and I guess that wasn't much fun. ;o)

  8. It would take an awfully long banner to fit all that story on it. Maybe you could just have on there "OOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!!"

    How about "Read my book! It is awesome! The title is..... Here is my website....Don't you love a romance?"

  9. Haha, Jennifer! So, I hear you volunteering to paint the banner... great!