Thursday, February 19, 2009

Omigosh--I made a book video.

I’ve been wishing for a book video for a long time, but the Book Video Fairy must have lost my email. So I finally got my tech guru son by the ear last weekend, dragged him to the laptop, and showed him what a book video is. I related it to something he understands—movie trailers.

He may have rolled his eyes, but I didn’t catch him at it. Immediately he set to work downloading free software, giving me a quick tutoring session...and then went back to college.

Hm. So Sunday night I started working on it. Writing the script, which would tell the 220-page book in one minute. That was my goal—one minute. My son said some of the videos I showed him were too long, and this was one of the times I chose to pay attention to his opinion.

Then I went about finding images in the free stuff already on my computer—because my budget for Book Video is Zero. (Which is why I kept waiting for that Fairy to bring me one.)

I cropped and messed with the pictures… Quite enjoyable, really. Then the finishing touch—creating music. So cool, this software lets you choose from several options, so you sort of (okay, not really) create your own music.

Video for The Blank Book, one minute and seven seconds long with the credits. First thing when I uploaded it, I sent a link to my son for critique. He was nice about it.

Please click here to watch and listen. Please?



  1. Oh Magdalena! Great book trailer!! You did a great job!

    (I've played with the movie maker on my computer and made little trailers for the ones I'm working on, but nothing I can actually use in the end...just playing around)

    I think you're off to a VERY good start in making your own.

  2. Taryn,

    Thanks for watching. I'm so glad you like it. Enjoy playing with your movie maker. It IS fun, isn't it?

  3. Wow! Great job, Magdalena! I'm impressed. And I agree with your son that some of them run too long--yours is the perfect length.

  4. Thank you, Devon!

    I'll tell him you agree on the length. It's nice for people to agree with him once in a while. ;)

    I bet you could make one of these book videos. You're kinda techy, aren't you?

    Of course, to be honest, I've done no writing since I began this project. That's the bad part!

  5. Oh, Magdalena, Yummmeeeeee!!! That's awesome! And on you tube, Your name will come up anytime anybody does a search with any combination of your words in it. Excellent pr.

  6. Jennifer,

    Thank you. The "Yummmeeeeee" made me smile.

    I do hope it will be good PR for the book. I would like to see it do well, and since major brick-and-mortar bookstores don't carry it, online is IT.

  7. "Incredible?" Jennifer, you're giving me the big head.

    Are you over your Presidents' Day nightmare yet?