Friday, February 20, 2009

A random list

Can a list actually be random? I mean, if you put things in a list, doesn't that make it organized? Gee, that's a random question...

Just throwing caution--and my list of twelve potential blog topics--to the wind this morning.

Because , it would seem, this is our first Random Friday. And just to keep it true to its name, we may never have another. Isn't that fun?

I'll give you some random stuff, and if you want, you can post some random stuff in the comments. By the end of the day, we may have a Big Box of Randomness. If we accumulate several Big Boxes of Randomness, we'll store them off-site, as shown above.

1. I finally, finally, FINALLY remembered to donate Ladies of Legend: Finding Home and A Legendary Christmas to my local library yesterday. They're ordering The Blank Book. Many thanks to my good friend who helped remind me to do this. Sometimes my brain is frighteningly sieve-like.

2. The book video in yesterday's post will be on Barbara Vey's Publisher's Weekly blog this Sunday, February 22. The blog is here, but by Sunday she'll have more posts, so you may have to do some scrolling. Each Sunday she posts book videos, and it's a quick and fun way to check out books. People whose videos are posted really appreciate commenters. Just saying.

3. We had a brief but heavy snow storm here yesterday. When I thought it was nearly over, I headed out for my two-mile walk. The storm began again. The blowing horizontally kind of snow. By the time I got home, the front of me was totally plastered white, my sunglasses/eyesnowshields had been fogged up half a dozen times, and I looked as if someone had turned a bowl of vanilla ice cream upside-down onto my head. It was great!

If that's not a random list, I don't know what is.


P.S. Friday is my day to post a blog at SisterWriters. I'll have something up there later today. I won't cheat and do the same thing I did here. Probably.


  1. Randon comments to random list:

    Congratulations on getting your trailer on Barbara Vey's site! Yay!!!

    We had snow down here, too. Early yesterday. Not one flake stuck to anything, but it looked pretty while it lasted.

    Have a great day! It's Friday! Not that that means much of anything to me since I no longer get up to get kids off to school and hubby works even on the weekends. :o)

  2. Devon, thanks for joining in my randomness!

    Like you, I don't have to get anyone out the door to school anymore. He either gets to class or doesn't--the beauty of campus life, I guess. I just try not to worry.

    At this stage of life, it's difficult for me not to be *constantly* random.

  3. Random comments, ok.
    1) If you put silver dragees on only half the cupcakes you take to school for your son's birthday party, be prepared to break up fights.
    2)We had snow that stuck until today, when the sun warmed everything up, yet crazily, we still had school. (Guess they don't want to lose the WHOLE summer.)
    3)Magdalena, how do you enbed a link into a word? I can not figure that out for the life of me.
    Random enough?

  4. Jennifer, you random-crazy girl you.

    What is a silver dragee? Am I too old to understand your list? Or just too out of touch?

    To make a word into a link, you highlight your text, click on the LINK icon above the typing box. Up will pop a little window. You paste the text for where you want the link to go--be sure you delete the "http://" that's already in the little box, because your link will already have that in it. I usually also make the linked text bold because it's more obvious to people that they can click on it.

    Email me if you still have a problem.

  5. Okay, I looked up "dragee." Obviously need to increase my word power. I thought maybe it was a cute little bitty dragon. I might even fight over one of those!