Monday, February 16, 2009

Resting on my celery

Saturday--two days ago--I decided that the topic for today's blog would be RESTING ON MY LAURELS.

You probably have an idea why I chose this topic. Last week was very upbeat for me. I'd just had a booksigning on the 7th with Jan Scarbrough, and was looking forward to another one on the 13th. That event was wonderful, and already on Saturday the 14th I was getting email feedback on the books sold Friday. This gave me a writerly high.

Temporary, of course. And it doesn't write the next book. So even though I felt as if I'd won an Olympic race and was wearing a laurel crown, I knew better than to loll around in it too long. Hence my topic for today's blog.

And--I'm not making this up--in Sunday's sermon the minister told about the ancient Isthmian Games, which were held in Corinth every four years. Like the ancient Olympic Games, but different. One difference, he pointed out, was that winners received not a shiny dark green crown of laurel leaves, but a crown of celery leaves. Imagine how long that lasted.

So here's the thing. I got my crown last week, and yep, it's already wilted. Which means today I'm starting my story for the 2009 Legend Christmas anthology. The first stumbling steps toward--I hope--winning another crown.

So I'm not resting on my laurels, nor on my celery. Thought you might be interested to know that, since some of you have been telling me the last few days that I need to write faster.

Of course it helps free up some time when my minister co-writes the blog.



  1. LOL! Magdalena, all I can say is, you are positively fabulous!

    Congratulations on the fan emails! Aren't they the best? Especially when they come from absolute strangers. And, hmm, that gives me an idea for MY next blog post.

    Godspeed with the new ms. Page 1 is my worst nightmare. If I could start on page 2 or 3, I'd be a happy writer.

  2. Devon,

    Celery leaves for you, my dear--you're the winner of the race to call me "fabulous" for the first time today! Or, actually, the first time ever. ;)

    Looking forward to your next blog post, too!

  3. I'm so glad you were listening to the sermon. I think magnolia leaves would last a lot longer than celery. And probably even more rare over there.

  4. Jennifer,

    Of course I was listening to the sermon! Golly...

    Magnolia leaves would make an interesting wreath. Aren't they kinda big and floppy though?

    Imagine winning the race, they give you the magnolia crown and the leaves flop into your face--causing you not to see something in your path, trip and break your leg.

    Just mentioning, because it's the sort of thing that would happen to me.

  5. Celery leaves, how appropriate. They wilt rather fast, don't they? So you're only allowed short time to bask...dayum, I hate that, lolol! I guess it's a way to keep us humble and I bet your minister touched on that, too.

  6. Sia,

    Welcome to Magdalenaville!

    Yes, my basking is done. We're in full-fledged Christmas novella/anthology mode now.

  7. So glad you had successful signings! And don't worry... you will have a non-wilted crown again soon!

  8. Thanks for your confidence in me, Amy!


  9. The celery leaves are probably why those ancient people haven't survived into modern day. Don't let their mistakes happen to you... stick with the laurel. Or, yeah, the magnolia would be mighty fine, too.

    But celery... that's just plain evil and you deserve much, much better.

  10. League for the Suppression of Celery, thank you so much for the comment--and the warning. I thought celery was just wimpy. Now, after visiting your blog, I'll be looking at it in an entirely new way. The words "fear" and "trepidation" come to mind.

    I appreciate the heads-up. Good luck with your work.