Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tea party with friends

As you know, yesterday started off rocky. Although it smoothed out over time, I lost the entire morning and part of the afternoon to the frustration that had hold of me.

Which was worse, the thing I was frustrated about, or the fact that I let it mess me up so much? Probably option B, huh?

An unkind person might say I was wallowing. Well, maybe not an unkind person. Maybe an honest person. Okay, yeah, I admit it. I was wallowing.

It still surprises me that people actually read the blog. It's surprising that you care about me, when most of you don't really know me... Or do you? Do I put enough of myself into this bit of daily writing that frequent readers know me very well? Hm.

Anyway, feeling more positive today. I worked til late last night on a video for The Blank Book, and unless I completely mess it up when adding the music, I think it will be decent. This morning I received an email from someone who had just read that book, and really enjoyed it. She's going to share it with her sisters and her granddaughters. I think it's wonderful that her granddaughters might like it. Maybe I'm cross-generational. Never even considered the possibility.

The thing that was frustrating me yesterday? It hasn't changed, and unless something drastic and unforeseen happens, it ain't gonna change. So I'm breathing deeply and setting it aside. I even changed the desktop of my computer to this yoga girl.

Every time I look at her, I take a deep breath.

Maybe I should have just posted something superficial and chatty yesterday instead of admitting I had my mad face on. But I'm not very good at pretending to be something I'm not. Thanks for being here with me then, and thanks for coming back today. The blog has become a bit of a tea party with friends, hasn't it?

So, today it's English Breakfast. One lump or two?



  1. Magdalena, letting frustrations, etc, get to us is part of the deal. I think we're just wired that way. Glad you're in a better frame of mind today. :o)

    Yes, it IS a tea party with friends, whether you invited us or not. LOL! And think about this. For every person who comments, others are lurking, eavesdropping on everything that's said. Right after I reappeared on the blogosphere, someone said to me during a phone conversation, "You'd be surprised who reads your blog." --GULP! Yeah, if you think about it, we must be crazy to get on here and spill our guts. Then again, it's theraputic. We can say whatever we want, and no one will interrupt. We do gain insight into each other. I know more about you from reading your blog than I learned the entire time I was on the loop with you, and it's all good. It's nice to finally meet'cha, friend. :o)

    Lots of authors/writers use their blogs as an extension of their web sites, newsy, upbeat stuff about their careers. If it's not something positive that puts them in a good light, they don't post it. I don't read those. They're boring.

  2. I second that!

    Let's mosey out to the patio and sit in the sunlight and take a deep breath. I'll take one lump and enjoy our tea party.

  3. Lovely to have you here this morning, Devon and Taryn. Okay, we'll pretend it's a nice warm day, we're sitting on the patio in the sunshine...mmm.

    And I'll have two lumps. Still need to sweeten up a bit.

  4. Glad you are trying to calm down today. Life's too short to stress about too much.
    Any chai?

  5. Jennifer,

    Do you prefer vanilla chai, spiced chai, or decaf spiced chai?