Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thanks, Jan!

Because I'm lazy today, Jan Scarbrough (though she doesn't know it) is here to entertain you. Check out her video for My Lord Raven. It was featured on Barbara Vey's Publisher's Weekly blog a couple of weeks ago.

Go here to watch the video.

Don't you love the cover for My Lord Raven? Jan wrote a very thoughtful post on SisterWriters about this book and my favorite of all Jan Scarbrough books, Tangled Memories. Read it here.

She has a new series releasing this year from Resplendence Publishing. To read more about Jan and her books, go to her website.

Thanks for your help today, Jan! (It's so good to have SisterWriters who will pitch in when you need them. Even when they're innocently at work, not knowing you've spread their names all over a blog.)



  1. Magdalena, your post made me smile. I'd like to add my thanks to Jan, too, for just, well...everything over the past 5 or 6 years. Probably longer. I lose track of time. Thanks, Jan!

  2. Devon, that's so neat. We're having Jan-day today, huh? And she doesn't even know we're celebrating least, she doesn't know it YET.

  3. Gee, Mags, I go to work and you blog about me! Thanks a lot! :-) Really! Hope you had a great day.

  4. I know it was sneaky of us to say nice things about you behind your back, Jan. I'm a bad influence on my blog readers...