Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Under the Mistletoe

Cute couple, huh? Mistletoe sure is working its magic. Mistletoe will do that.

Guess what I'm up to today.

Did you guess "Listening to an old Julie Andrews Christmas CD while sniffing bayberry candle and catching a mini lighted Christmas tree in your peripheral vision?" Did you guess "Getting a headache from the bayberry candle?"

Wow. You must be psychic, cuz that's exactly what I'm doing! And you probably know why, too.

But since I'm here anyway, I'll tell you why. Because I'm trying to write my Christmas novella for this year's Legend anthology. The working title is Under the Mistletoe and it's the story of Charles and Dorothy McClain, the parents of my hero in Christmas Collision.

The parents, you say?!?!

Yep. This story is set in the early 1970s. I lived in a small town in the early 1970s, so maybe that will help inform my writing.

Along with the headachey candle, collection of Christmas music, lighted tree--and oh yes, the jingle bells on the door. Trying to appeal to the senses, you know, to immerse myself in Christmas. It was suggested to me and seems like a great idea.

Of course I'm craving sugar cookies right now. And maybe some egg nog.



  1. Ho Ho Ho Remember Santa is watching. If you are a very good girl, he will bring you lots of published books in your stocking

  2. Well, it seems at least ONE of us is in the Christmas spirit.


  3. Wishing you lots of Christmas spirit to help you along your way with the story.

    I'm in the 3rd book of revisions now and Christmas comes into play in mine as well, so I might have to pull out some Christmas music myself. It starts in L.A. but for a good portion of the story, they're at Lake Tahoe during the holidays.

    Do you need me to come by and shimmy some fake snow outside your window? Even better, are they calling for snow this weekend in your area?

  4. Now I have this picture stuck in my head of you sniffing candle while listening to ancient Christmas music. Way to go, Mags! How am I supposed to write about people sweating beneath the blazing desert sun after all that? ;o)

    Seriously though. Christmas was only 2 months ago. Draw from your experiences of Christmases past.

  5. Taryn, thank you for the offer of shimmying snow. It's supposed to get into the 50s today, but so far there is still a smidge of snow on the north side of the neighbor's house. I can look at that, I guess. Or stick my face in it, but they might think me odd if I did.

    Devon, so sorry you now have a picture in your head of me candle-sniffing. I guess if you want inspiration for people sweating in the desert, you could go back to the guy in the interesting "outfit." HE was in the desert, remember?