Thursday, February 5, 2009

You know you've been inside the house too long when...

Hm. This post started out as something completely different. But okay... YOU KNOW YOU'VE BEEN INSIDE THE HOUSE TOO LONG WHEN:

1. The picture at left looks like a fun outing.
2. All your conversations revolve around the weather.
3. All your conversations are whiney.
4. You can feel muscles begin to atrophy.
5. You talk to the dog, even when he's giving you the silent treatment.
6. You talk to the furnace, not always using nice words.
7. Walking two blocks to the store to buy dark chocolate on sale is too much of a challenge. (Did I mention two inches of misshapen ice is covered by a thin topping of fluffy snow? Did I mention it's hazardous to walk?!?!? Did I mention it's 13 degrees outside?)

8. You spend half an hour writing a blog about the importance of exercise, but are too lazy to complete it.

Ugh. Over the next couple of days we're supposed to have some thawing. Maybe my brain will thaw a bit, too. In the meantime,
if you want to read an interesting article about the importance of stairs in your exercise regimen, click here.



  1. LOL! The line about writing a blog about the importance of exercise and being too lazy to complete it made me laugh out loud. You're farther north, but the same thing's going on down here. People call to talk about the weather, as if I can't look outside--if I can tear myself away from the heater vent--and see it for myself. My husband has fallen into some kind of deep funk because piddling outdoors is his thing, but it's too cold and yucky to even piddle in the garage. We're sooo ready for spring!

  2. Devon,

    WOW! I made you laugh out loud? That's the high point of my day. Hopefully not the high point of yours. I did go outdoors THREE times today, so I'm feeling rather proud of myself. Stuff is dripping off the roof, which probably means the thaw has begun. Also, I sat a cat chasing another cat into a nearby shed, so that probably means spring is approaching and love is in bloom...or something.

  3. We had a day in the 50s in Nebraska today! And tomorrow will be the same! Nobody wore coats - it's like summer - yahoo!

    My oldest daughter is driving 2 1/2 hours to spend the day and we're meeting my other daughters and mom for lunch. A girls day on a fabulous weather day. What could be better?

  4. Enjoy your girls' day out, Cheryl! What fun!

    I looked at the snow pictures you posted the other day, and your description of how everything takes so much effort when you have snow. Wow.