Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Books and timing

There's a big sale at Fictionwise--50% Micropay rebate on every ebook purchased through April 1. If you haven't previously bought from Fictionwise, be sure to read the Micropay FAQs. If you have previously purchased from Fictionwise, you're probably not reading this sentence because you've already followed the link and are buying books.


Of course, I cleverly purchased on Sunday evening, before the sale started. Sheesh.

But sometimes I luck out. Saturday after Maddie James did her presentation at the workshop, I was one of the people who won a paperback! My choice: Murder on the Mountain, a Ladies of Legend novel.

I had meant to buy it online, and then my plan was to get it at the signing on Friday, but it wasn't there. Imagine my delighted surprise at holding this pretty Legend book in my hands. Of course, I already own the ebook...

Timing is everything. But luck helps, too.



  1. Was good to see you at the signing on Friday and at the workshop Saturday. Wish we could've had more time to visit!

  2. Amy, you were busy. I was just...spacey. Congratulations on your new gig!

    Devon, thanks! I always love winning stuff--especially when it's GOOD stuff.

  3. "I have a book in each room, and another in the car, just in case." Now I'm hooked on the editorrent site, too. Thanks for sharing the fun you had at the workshop. I'm going to the fictionwise site next. Maybe the sale will be the ticket to break loose my e-book aversion.

  4. Theresa, I hope you'll enjoy ebooks. I think you're converting yourself, though maybe we've had a hand in it...